Let Canterbury Cones Mobile make your

special event one to remember!

Canterbury Cones Ice Cream Mobile Unit

Information : 12 Flavors to pick from our 45 flavors of premium farm fresh ice cream made from  family farm in Mass.

80% of our ice cream is gluten free and we offer a lemon sorbet as a dairy free option as well.

All prices are right off our menu: Based on 2 packages you can pick from.

There is a travel and set up fee of $60.00 for under 100 people.

We guarantee to be there the day and time of your event.  (Please book your event early, dates due fill up)

Make your event one to remember!  Thanks from Canterbury Cones

Check us out at Canterburycones.com or call 860 617-4441 or shop 860 556-9167

Contract   Two Packages

Just cups/cones = Kids, Small, Med, Large.      Check out our price list Below.

    Choice of a cup, sugar or cake cone served up with the ice creams you chose.

Full menu Includes above and any size sundaes, shakes, root beer floats, snow cones.

    Sundae toppings choices: Hot fudge, strawberry, pineapple, comes with whip cream nuts and cherry.

    Shakes: Can be made with any of the 12 flavors on board.

    Root beer floats: Made with van ice cream or any substitute of the 12 flavors on board.

    Snow cones: Comes with 6 choices of flavors.

    Extra toppings: Nuts, choc, rainbow sprinkles.

Call / Text or email us with your booking date. (Deposit maybe required)   860 556-9167 /860 617- 4441 or at Canterbury.cones@gmail.com

                                                                                                                                  Mobile Unit Price List                                                                                                                                     Kids: 3.00   Small: 4.00  Medium: 5.00 Large: 6.0 



Canterbury Cones Ice Cream Scooping it better